April 22, 2024


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Resident Evil 3 – Xbox Game Pass

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I maybe should have announced this the day it was released but I’ve been so busy with playing Resident Evil 2, which was also released not too long ago and you can read about that here, that I have kind of been slacking. Resident Evil 3 was released on Xbox Game Pass last week hot on the heels of RE2 and these are two major AAA releases I was going to pay probably $50+ for if I didn’t wait. But now both of these releases have dropped so if you have Xbox Game Pass, there’s not reason you shouldn’t download them now. If not, it’s only $7.99 a month and maybe is something you might consider because that $7.99 literally saved me $100 this month.

I have not even started Resident Evil 3 so this is less of a preview/review article and more of just getting the news out there kind of article.

I was super jazzed about the current and upcoming Resident Evil remakes and have just started the journey with RE2 and RE3, and if I’m lucky, Xbox Game Pass might even pick up Resident Evil 4! But this is only conjecture at this point.

I just passed what I think is the midpoint of RE2 and man it’s a blast, as well as challenging. I literally had to try the boss level at this point 10-11 times (maybe more lol) before I could finally, beat it, which for me is pretty damn good.

So if your into it, check it out and have a great day week month!

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