Eve Online – Daily Journal 2021 – 11.03

rljpdx killboard https://zkillboard.com/character/1597012347/

That is a cut and paste of my killboard. It doesn’t have the links you can click to look at the different players similar to what I was using in previous posts, however this shows complete kill information as far as who and what I killed and you can click the zKillboard link at the bottom of the picture to go right to me page on zKillboard. 😉

Nov 3rd was a good day. In relation to the zKillboard picture above, you can see I had some decent kills and some to take some space on the board. I was able to get a bunch of kills and a couple pods. One of the pods was empty and the other had a cheap training implant. The Tormentor and Imperial Navy Slicer kill was a decent 2v1 I punched into. The Rifter kill was a no contest as I was in a Dramiel, and that Thrasher kill. Let me tell you about that Thrasher kill.

I flew to Gulmorogod in my Vengeance looking for some PVP action. When I get there I get in position to scan all the factional warfare complexes (plexes) and I see a Republic Fleet Firetail and Garmur over at one of the novice plexes. So I align and warp over to the plex at 100km, figuring if things don’t look so good I could just warp away. But only the Garmur was outside of the plex. I landed 50 kilometers away from him and was already positioning myself to align and he comes microwarpdriving at top speed and ‘points’ me with his warp disruptor. Now I can’t get away from him. Crap.

He starts sending volleys of missiles of me but they are doing minimal damage. It took him a few tries to figure out that he should be shooting me with thermal ammunition. But I am easily able to tank the damage with my dual deadspace reppers and 15 cap boosters in cargo. The fit is almost cap stable so with some pulsing of the armor reppers I can tank for a long time. And tank for a long time I needed to so. This guy keeps me pointed for a whole hour doing no damage to me, but I can’t get away. So he calls up a friend.

One of his friends show up in a Thrasher. We’re well away from the plex beacon and the Thrasher needs to microwarp a few hundred kilometers to get to me. It will take about 5 minutes but hey, there’s nothing else to do but kill me. So he barrels towards and right when he gets in point range I point him and kill him. Keep in mind this whole time the Garmur is still shooting me with missiles and has me pointed with his warp disruptor.

Eventually I see one of my friends drive by, a Viktor Schlonge, who is able to get to his Dramiel and get me out of this tight spot I was in. But of course in true warrior fashion after he free’s me he decides he needs to kill off one or two of those guys. Well, unfortunately it didn’t work out to well for him, but he did get me out of a jam so I’m going to buy him a Dramiel when I get the ISK. That Thrasher though. LOL.

There’s a Tristan I killed as well up there. I was in my dual medium shield extender Republic Fleet Firetail when I punched into the plex to fight the Tristan. Was a tough fight actually. In the end he was able to remove half my shields. But the interesting thing was, he had this non-standard triple tank (armor, shield, and transverse bulkheads) which was a bit of a chore to beat. As most shield Firetails only use a single medium shield extender had I been in one of those chances are I don’t fare as well.

The Badger, Probe and Burst kills were random one off kills of not too much import. The Burst was empty and the guy was just in a plex running the clock down. The Badger I caught while it was attending it’s cynosural beacon and the Probe I got while solo gate camping in my Gnosis on the Ossogur gate in Amamake.

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