Eve Online Journal – 2021 11.05

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A bit of a sad day, but not too bad. This was the day I lost my Vargur. It was my first one and all in all I am happy with my performance in it. I was able to kill 23 ships with it, and this last fight where I lost the ship was the biggest fight I had been in to date. So let me talk about it a little.

I was docked in Kourmonen after deciding to go roaming in the Vargur. I ended up not doing anything so decided to go back to Amamake. When I reached the Auga gate in Kourmonen there were 3 Minmatar militia guys on the gate in some mix of assault frigates and destroyers. As I jump through and proceed to the next gate, Dal, one of the assault frigates follows me. When I jump into Dal he jumps as well and as I am pretty much perma-flashy he tackled me and and in less than a minute 11 guys were. 4 assault frigates and 7 cruisers (4x Bellicose, 1x Vexor, 1x Caracal, 1x Svipul, . and the last four were some mix of assault frigate, frigate and a couple destroyers. I was able to kill 5 of the cruisers and Svipul before I died, more than half their guys and ALL the big ships so I was happy with my performance. I made some mistakes; didn’t pulse neut properly, wasted a repair cycle, took much too long to start the fight. I’m happy with the fit that I used and I will build another one identical to it I’m pretty sure. If you look at the picture above, or the image that accompanied this article you can see the 5 Bellicoses that I killed as well as the 1 Svipul. Not bad for a 11 versus 1 situation.

A little later on I lost a Vagabond to the same set of guys. I should have just warped off but I really wanted to kill another one of their guys. Mistakes by me plus their blob came in and finished me off. The Merlin loss you see above was a 1v1 I punched into against Mickey Sharpe who was able to kite me to death. Second time he’s done that to me now. There’s a random Rifter kill at the bottom where I got into a shield boosted Merlin and gave him a run for his money.

The Vargur is an expensive ship to replace. In terms of real world dollars it costs about $20 to put one of those ships together. So chances are I won’t have another one till next month. Gives me time to analyze and over obsess on this current loss to ready myself for the next battle, because it will come.

I apologize for how the picture the opens this article is kinda of small and possible illegible. You can always go directly to my page on zKillboard to keep abreast of my current kills and losses.


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