Anthology of Fear Demo

I picked this little gem up on Steam, of course. It’s just the demo and I can say I had a fun and even frightening experience playing the game. Let me explain. Once you start playing a game, sometimes you can be so immersed in the events in the game that sometimes, well, it will seriously unnerve you. This was my experience. I was just going along and playing the game and all the sudden something happened which so thoroughly shook me that I knew for a moment the black finger of hell reached out of the miasma of reality and gave me a tap on the shoulder. For the few moments of that intense scare I even thought that something was actually wrong with me and I wasn’t seeing my surroundings properly, almost as if I was physically or mentally unbalanced. I was completely mortified for a minute. To the point of stopping everything I was doing, looking all around the room, and blessing the game for giving me such an uncanny and thoroughly frightful scare.

The first thing I need to touch on is the weird interface. I mean it’s a first-person viewpoint game so you’ll be using the keyboard and mouse (as you should be PC users) and there’s a very quirky interaction system. First you need to right click on something you want to interact with, THEN you left click it to perform the interaction. There are some other games that use that odd sequence so it may or may not be odd to you. It’s just something that took me a second to get use to. But I’m glad that I did because of the wonderful scare I mentioned above.

The first thing you notice is the dinginess of the game. Everything is lowly lit (in most places) and the string along story is vague enough to put your mind in the right place for the events to come. I think the whole game took me 30 to 45 minutes to complete and there are two great things that I discovered. Number one is that great scare, and number two is that’s it’s relatively short and sweet. These are a couple items that ultimately decide whether I purchase a game or not. Though I haven’t pulled the trigger yet on the purchase Anthology of Fear is what I’ve been thinking about every time I do start a game, in recent memory.

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