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I’ve played Black Rose three times now and though all three times it was fun, but that damn she witch Black Rose caught me. Fuckin whore. Anyways, gonna have to play through it again today. By now I think I have the layout of the house or church or whatever figured out, as well as the small little maze like dungeon area below.

I think Black Rose might be based on or a prequel of possibly another game I’ve played because the interface and doors and keys seem very familiar. The jump scares not so much, but it does seem familiar.

Anyways, I’m sure Black Rose is one of those one and done games. But it usually takes me 3 or 4 times going through these things to get through all the puzzles or larger building layouts or whatever. The graphics aren’t the greatest, but I think that might be good because you focus more on the game, than the texture of the walls or whatever. And that’s one of the things I remembered about this game. It was actually fun to play. Not bogged down with trying to find too many things at once and meant to be played as the escape room/escape house horror game that we’ve all come to love so much. I like ’em anyways.

You can find Black Rose on Steam for free!


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  1. Such a fun game. Black Rose has been updated through the years and there is much more to the game now. I have only played through and completed a few times the first Black Rose portion, however there are other challenges, 1-2 as far as I can tell that I really want to get through. Let’s talk about that first portion. The first portion of the game originally took me about 40 minutes to complete however now that I have beaten the game several times I’, fairly confident I can get through the game fairly quickly. However, it is now 1-2+ years ago that I played Black Rose so I might go through a refresher phase as my goal now is to complete the other challenges, which I never did. Black Rose is a great little game and if you are a fan of survival horror or short horror games, give Black Rose a try. I will add some more comments when I complete the other challenges.

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