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Rhome is a free game available on Steam and it’s not a horror game, per se. If you’ve been visiting my site then you know most of the game reviews I post are of the horror variety. Rhome probably got squeezed in there during a search for horror games on Steam and I’m glad it did.

Created in just a few months by students at SMU Guildhall, Rhome is a visually stunning exploration game. When I say visually stunning, I mean it. One of the best things about this game is that through the exploration there’s so much eye candy and simply beautiful architecture. Built by an architect (well, the in game persona is an architect anyways) if it wasn’t for the nature of the game, this house that you go through on Level 1 of the game is worthy of placement in the leagues of the rich and famous. As you explore the house and view the beautiful architecture, furniture and surroundings, the home on Level 1 is definitely a luxury that would be comfortable in anyone’s lap.

SMU Guildhall is the #1 American graduate school for game design and after playing, and hopefully completing the first level of Rhome, you will definitely agree with that commendation. Once you know this and know that a team of students worked on this project, you’ll surely agree. Originally the group of students working on the game wanted to release the game on Steam for two to three dollars, so it’s a real blessing they decided to release it as freeware. And once you play the game, you’ll agree that though the game is free, any avid gamer would easily pay two to three dollars, or even more, for this fantastic game.

So, Rhome is a home exploration game, at least at Level 1. After completing my first playthrough and completing Level 1, I revisited the menu and there are actually 5 levels to this game. What a treat! Completing Level 1 took me about 25-30 minutes so there’s probably a good 3 hours or more of enjoyment left in the game. As you explore the house there are items around that you can interact with that progresses you through the story. You don’t have to actually look at any of them but if you want the full story of what’s going on in Level 1, then maybe take the few extra minutes to read up on the interactable elements of the game.

There’s a variety of puzzles to deal with on Level 1 but not too many. As it is Level 1 they didn’t make it too difficult to get through but I’m sure as you move on to levels two through five, I’m sure the exploration sites will be larger and the puzzles more challenging, but that’s as it should be.

I need to once again comment on how visually appealing this game is. Just take a look at the picture associate with this article. There’s a few graphical items and area’s that simply blew my mind and made me long for my youth and LSD; the game is that pretty and that trippy. I have an Nvidia 1030 GTX video card running on a 3rd generation Intel i5 and the game runs beautifully. So if you have something equivalent to that, you can be confident in ramping up the graphics settings to ultra and still have the game look great and playable. Plus the fact that the students decided to release the game for free instead of being capitalistic money grubbers adds so much more the attraction of the game.

You can find Rhome on Steam and you can get to that page by clicking here.

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