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As usual Splinter was another movie I kept passing up even though it made itself prominent in my PlutoTV listings. I caught it on PlutoTV right as it started and after watching it for a few minutes, I was hooked. I’m not locked into enjoying just found footage, sci-fi, or cosmic horror. Monster movies if done right can project creeping dread, explosive situations, and the anguish of man, or woman, just as well as any movie when done right. Though monster movies aren’t my favorite they can be a great vehicle for an engaging horror story. Splinter is not exactly a monster movie, but you might see one. Some good acting, great set pieces, and an engaging storyline make for a great movie whether it’s horror, sci-fi, probably even musicals (I don’t do musicals, the horror).

Splinter produces maybe not the most original idea in horror movie making however in this day and age of the Corona virus and humanity dealing with the repercussions of the current on-going outbreak, Splinter brings the horrors. Plus the trope of situations changing and making a complete 180 degree turn was done masterfully but most importantly believably. Splinter did well with character development. It’s the characters in Splinter I enjoyed so much and the trials and tribulations of what they are going through and how they deal with it. To me this is what made the movie worth watching.

If you are squeamish and body horror turns you off, you may want to miss this, but I will say the sequences are relatively short and I think most horror fans will be able to deal with it, except for those staunch standouts who completely stay away from body horror.

The movie plays out well and there’s no comedy to Splinter however there is this one part where a splintered hand is ‘skittering’ across the floor while this somewhat intense music plays. The way the disembodied hand jerks around and skitters was highly comical to me. It’s like it was dancing or something, but I digress. It’s a short scene and the horror of what we’re dealing with comes back quickly.

Splinter was directed by Toby Wilkins and written by Ian Shorr, Kai Berry and Toby Wilkins. Released in 2008 and featuring Shea Wigham, Jill Wagner, Paulo Costanzo, Charles Baker, and Rachel Kerbs in the top billing. Splinter is a horror sci-fi thriller with an IMDb rating of 6.1.

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