The Possession – Netflix Horror

No Spoilers

I started watching this about a week ago, but admittedly though it’s starting off with great backstory and with excellent actors (Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Kyra Sedgwick, Natasha Calis (young) and others it was moving along a bit slow so I cut it off about 30 minutes into it to do other things. As the week went by I was watching Top 5 Horror on YouTube and The Possession was listed in a top 5 and the announcer went on about how great it was.

Now I usually do these reviews by watching half the movie and starting the article, then finishing the article once the movie is finished. As slow as the beginning was I haven’t forgotten any of it so now I’ll watch the rest of it.

<Watches Last Half of The Possession>

Well the movie wasn’t bad. I did enjoy it, and if you like horror movies, then you’ll enjoy this one. The only bad thing is this; Kyra Sedgwick and Jeffery Dean Morgan unfortunately are not believable portrayers of horror. I say this because I have seen many of they’re TV shows and movies and though most of their history is great, I think I might have made the movie a little unbelievable myself because I just don’t think they did horror well. But being fans of both actors it was part of the reason I opted to watched this. Natasha Calis however, oddly enough, is very believable as a horror entity demonically possessed problem child from Jewish Hell (Gehenna? I know Gehenna isn’t hell, it’s been mistranslated as Hell in most bibles; Gehenna is actually the place where the old Jewish sects sacrificed children, or more correctly, the Valley of Hinnom; the more you know…).

Anyways, one of things I did like was the ending, and of course I’m not going to spoil it. But I did check to see if there was a sequel to this movie because though it is not my favorite horror flick, there were a lot of great ideas and maybe we’ll see some fresh faces in the sequel looking to make horror believable again. Sure, I love suspending belief in reality occasionally and that’s why horror is so great to watch. Better than Friends anyway.

The final thing I want to say about this Sam Raimi production is that if you are use to a lot of his fan favorites (Evil Dead, Drag Me To Hell, etc.) you will probably be disappointed by this movie and wonder if he sold out. The special effects in this are very polished and very not Raimi’esque, but admittedly this being a Sam Raimi production might have been the main reason I watched this.

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