Tom Clancys Jack Ryan – Amazon Prime

Currently Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan is in Season 3 on Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime brings together comfort video viewing to go with our caramelized popcorn to make that marriage of snacks and couch feel natural and warm, the way it should. Just completed watching Season 3 and I can say that after a good first 2 seasons, the 3rd season does not disappoint. You’d think a series like this would be formulaic with a bunch of storylines told the same way over the 3 seasons, but this simply is not the case.

Who knew John Krasinski could break out of ‘The Office’ mold so easily but break out of it he did. With Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan we learn that John Krasinski won’t be typecasted into a corner and this is a credit to his skills as an actor.

Really not much more to say other than this is one of the better Amazon originals and now there are 3 seasons to binge for those who did not onboard when the series started.

From the Amazon page:

In Season 3 of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, Jack races against time and across Europe to stop a rogue faction within the Russian government from restoring the Soviet Empire and starting World War III.


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