May 20, 2024


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Stories Lost – YouTube Channel

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I discovered a great little channel on YouTube this morning as I was going through my usual routine. “Stories Lost” is the name of that YouTube channel. My personal YouTube homepage featured a story titled “Boy Meets Strange Creatures“. I unabashedly clicked the play button. The engrossing nature of the story had me hooked. The narrator had a calm and soothing voice which positively augmented the storytelling. Wanting to hear more I ventured over to the “Stories Lost” channel. Clicking the “Video” tab I discovered 14 videos’ and I voraciously started to consume them.

Boy Meets Strange Creatures – Lost Stories – YouTube Channel

Stories Lost – YouTube Channel on My Blog?

In the channels comment section I made sure to mention that I had enjoyed the content. I contacted the creator and informed him that I was interested in writing a short review article to post on my personal blog.. I’d only watched two of the video’s up to that point and they were two good tales that were new to me. I received permission from “Stories Lost” to feature video content from the “Stories Lost” channel and I present “Boy Meets Strange Creatures” as the selection in this review. It’s a favorite of mine and is embedded above for immediate viewing. I watched a couple more video’s, enjoying the excellent narration and stories, and this article forms the review as the fruit of that labor .


Stumbling upon content with subjects I had not encountered previously on YouTube was surprising and I looked forward to viewing the collection of stories. Being a fan of UFO stories and other fantastical accounts “Lost Stories” was right up my alley. I have indulged many channels with otherworldly subject matter and it’s always refreshing to discover something new. Mysterious cryptid stories, perplexing disappearances, and even a story about a haunted train station in Sweden where only the dead disembark. These are but a small sample of the variety of tales that can be found on “Stories Lost“.


After some further research into the channel I discovered the creator joined YouTube in October of 2011. The channel creator has uploaded the 14 existing videos over the last 5 months and that’s the reason I perceive it as a new channel. It’s refreshing to see a user who joined the platform 13 years ago turn creator. Cranking out quality content including various allegories and narratives seldom heard or seen is a big bonus.


In summary, “Stories Lost” is a fun channel with some great stories. It’s a channel that showed me some spooky, some outlandish, and some precautionary tales and it satiated that need for a good story. If you’re just looking for some good storytelling, “Stories Lost” has you covered. The channel may not be new but the content definitely is so if you enjoy any of the subject matter mentioned previously you’re sure to enjoy “Stories Lost.” Make sure to utilize the link above or the one below to be taken immediately to the “Stories Lost” YouTube channel.

Click here to visit the “Stories Lost” homepage on YouTube.

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